Tuesday, 18 August 2015


We are having a week off and these are recent photographs taken in the shop

view of the commode in place in a room
French 18th century marquetry commode with early 19th century gilt bronze lamps. Blue and white 18th century faience with 18th century marine paintings on the wall
Mid 18th century French commode with large candelabra flanking and early 18th century carved figure of the Virgin Mary. On the wall are a pair of mid 18th century prints in gilt wood frames
White faience Capercaillie by Jean Paul Gourdon on an 18th century commode
Early 19th century French console table in front of a late 17th century Flemish tapestry
French Empire commode with an 17th century landscape above
Early 19th century commode with collection of prints above
Early 19th century console with large gilt and patinated bronze candelabra
English 18th century drawing table in front of an Aubusson tapestry
Empire console by Jacob with a collection of framed dried ferns above contemporary table lamps
Large Empire commode with 18th century Aubusson tapestry
Règence commode circa 1715 in front of a 17th century Flemish tapestry
William IV console table with a collection of early 18th century prints above
Horbury table lamps on either side
Louis XV commode and 17th century Flemish tapestry
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We will be back at work on the 1st September with new stock on the website very soon, in the mean time Lucy the shop Lurcher is looking forward to some water sports…

Monday, 20 April 2015


Unusual 18th century tapestry of figures bathing in a river below a village. As the weather improves get in the mood with this 18th century tapestry of bathing women…..

This is a selection of new arrivals  in the shop for April, the trees are coming into leaf and these wonderful verdure tapestries bring that feeling of tress and flowers into the house.
A Louis XV commode is shown in front of an early 18th century Brussels tapestry, the elegant gilt and patinated bronze candlesticks have entwined poppies and the large 18th century style lantern is decorated with acanthus leaves. 
Here the same Louis XV commode is shown on york stone flags in a dining room. The prints are 18th century of Toulon in the South of France in contemporary gilt wood frames. The figure in the centre is and early 18th century carved wood Spanish processional Virgin, with 19th century massive candlesticks in either side. See them all on our website.

Lucy the shop lurcher

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


In homage to 1stdibs article Modern Elegance vs Old World Glamour, we side with the latter…….

There is a richness and timelessnes that comes with using antiques when you decorate. The rich colours and textures in old textiles and the patina of antique furniture evoque the historic houses or Europe. There is a warmth that comes with this look that is totally different from the modern interior.

In this drawing room designed by the British designer Henrietta Spencer Churchill the use of colour and antiques creates a grand yet welcoming room flood with light coming in through the large window on the left. Photo by Christopher Drake
Here another London designer, Alidad layers the rich textures and colours of an early 18th century tapestry hung behind a gloriously coloured sofa. Photo by James McDonald.
William Eubanks has chosen a grand French Louis XV commode for this room.

Always lovers of tapestries we have several in the shop at the moment. Here a figurative Louis XIV Aubusson tapestry takes up a whole wall with furniture in front.
The Chateau de Champ du Bataille decorated by Jacques Garcia has a grandeur that can only be achieved using antiques. Photograph by Eric Sander.
18th Century French landscape in period frame from Julia Boston Antiques
The walls are hung with portraits in carved gilt frames and the furniture is French 18th century.
Here in the shop we have hung a pair of 18th century seascapes in gilt frames above a Louis XVI commode.
William Eubanks uses a grand Louis XV commode to great effect in this room.
In the shop we have placed a Règence French commode in front of a late 17th century Flemish tapestry. You can see all our stock at Julia Boston or go straight to the latest arrivals

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


In this month's World of Interiors are photographs of a wonderful house in Cornwall, with photographs by Christopher Simon Sykes, they show a house where the owners have hung the walls with pictures and prints.

I have always been an advocate of close hanging prints, the effect can be wonderful, you can see a similar large collection of small botanical prints, as seen in this luxurious bedroom on our website


Monday, 26 January 2015


Before the working day starts the shop lurchers get to stretch their legs……….
Ladbroke Square in Notting Hill on a frosty morning, is often followed by a walk in Kensington Gardens

or on the Little Scrubbs where the whippets and lurchers run fit to burst…………….
 Then it's down to work in the King's Road, with the two dogs  are happy in their basket under a desk.
Tables are always something that are needed, for a bunch of flowers or to put your drink on when you relax at the end of the day, these are some of the ones that we have in stock at the moment.
with a diameter of 81 cm or 32" there is room for flowers and a glass of wine
The same size as the one able but a different look…….
marble specimen table
or for the more exotic, this specimen marble topped table could fit the bill.
georgian library table
this elegant George IV library table, would look good behind a sofa with an elegant bunch of flowers. 

You also need tables against the wall and we always have a good selection of consoles on show, this one was made by the celebrated French 'eboniste' or furniture maker Jacob
or this elegant console table with a black marble top, seen here with a large pair of candelabra
'Retour D'Egypte' Console table with carved and ebonised sphinx heads from Julia Boston Antiques.
or if you have a large wall this impressive console probably also by Jacob would make a grand statement; seen here below a collection of 18th century black and white engravings.
A view of the important French Console with a marble top at Julia Boston Antiques. The piece, probably by esteemed furniture maker Georges Jacob, is shown with a collection of 18th century framed engravings.
All our stock can be seen at our website Julia Boston or if you just want to jump to what's new click here

Thursday, 11 December 2014


As the first frosts appear in the mornings, and Christmas is only just over two weeks away what better time than to combine a little luxury decorating with the Christmas preparations.

Only six feet (183 cm) high this small Brussels tapestry has warm reds and greens and dates from the 1760's

The Rape Of A Sabine' 18th Century Tapestry from Julia Boston Antiques

With a wonderful decorative border this mid 18th century French 'Verdure' Tapestry is just over 8 feet tall and only just over 4 feet wide.

If you want large and impressive this 17th century tapestry of Psyche and Cupid with a magnificent border would fit the bill. Measuring 11 feet high by just over 8 feet wide with strong blues and reds.

This 18th century Aubusson tapestry only 6 feet square with a dark blue border is perfect for a smaller space.

For a large wall this beautiful 17th century Brussels tapestry with fresh colours, a very fine weave, and a highly decorative floral border, it is just over 10 feet high by 10 and a half feet wide.
Brussel's tapestry of Jupiter and Io

This English Mortlake Tapestry of Apollo dates from the late 17th early 18th century. Finely woven with strong reds, blues and greens and measuring 10 feet by 8 foot six inches.

For lower ceilings this magical Louis XIV Aubusson tapestry with a procession of figures in a wooded landscape is only 7 foot 6 inches high.
louis xiv tapestry

For more muted tones this simple 18th century French Aubusson tapestry with the arms of a pre-revolutionary family and the date 1738 is the perfect country house decoration.
18th century Aubusson tapestry with coat of arms

All of these tapestries and more can be seen on our website.