Thursday, 11 December 2014


As the first frosts appear in the mornings, and Christmas is only just over two weeks away what better time than to combine a little luxury decorating with the Christmas preparations.

Only six feet (183 cm) high this small Brussels tapestry has warm reds and greens and dates from the 1760's

The Rape Of A Sabine' 18th Century Tapestry from Julia Boston Antiques

With a wonderful decorative border this mid 18th century French 'Verdure' Tapestry is just over 8 feet tall and only just over 4 feet wide.

If you want large and impressive this 17th century tapestry of Psyche and Cupid with a magnificent border would fit the bill. Measuring 11 feet high by just over 8 feet wide with strong blues and reds.

This 18th century Aubusson tapestry only 6 feet square with a dark blue border is perfect for a smaller space.

For a large wall this beautiful 17th century Brussels tapestry with fresh colours, a very fine weave, and a highly decorative floral border, it is just over 10 feet high by 10 and a half feet wide.
Brussel's tapestry of Jupiter and Io

This English Mortlake Tapestry of Apollo dates from the late 17th early 18th century. Finely woven with strong reds, blues and greens and measuring 10 feet by 8 foot six inches.

For lower ceilings this magical Louis XIV Aubusson tapestry with a procession of figures in a wooded landscape is only 7 foot 6 inches high.
louis xiv tapestry

For more muted tones this simple 18th century French Aubusson tapestry with the arms of a pre-revolutionary family and the date 1738 is the perfect country house decoration.
18th century Aubusson tapestry with coat of arms

All of these tapestries and more can be seen on our website.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


We are finally off on holiday……..Lucy the youngest shop dog has her passport and we are off,  first to the Perigord,  in the south-west of France and from there to our house in Provence. For antiques dealers there are small fairs on all over the place so we could be coming back with some new things for the shop.
Lucy ready for the off……..

It is often difficult to know what to take as presents for friends whom you are staying with and I am taking grouse for dinner, shot in Scotland and cooked in a chateau in the woods of the south-west of France.

Meanwhile there are always new pieces in the shop click on the image to see them
For effortless chic this mid 17thc Japanese screen hangs above a Louis XVI period canapé with it;s wonderful original upholstery in a French country house chic state
More soon …………..

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Thursday, 31 July 2014


Tomorrow is the start of August and the antiques trade take some time off. The shop is staying open until the last week in August, but the website is there 24 hours a day………..the joys of modern technology!

It seems that lurchers are the 'in' dog in or business and we are now exception. There are two in the shop and the youngest and latest arrival Lucy is also going on holiday down to our house in the South-east of France.

She has been in holiday mood for some time and her favourite toy is her yellow ball.

Just hung in the window is a Japonese early Edo screen circa 1650. The scene,  deer by moonlight, is from the Tale of Genji known as the ‘first’ novel. Written in the 11th century by Murasaki Shikibu, a lady-in-waiting of the Japanese court.
japanese screens
Meanwhile with thoughts of the holidays in mind this is where the three of us head off to………
Dog walks in the morning, buying food in the local markets and maybe a little bit of antiquing, 
A lazy lunch with friends by the pool, and long dinners under the wisteria pergola …….
but in-between  it is books and a cold drink by the pool. 
And, when we aren't there the house is for rent and  autumn is one of the best times, the intense heat becomes easier the tourists are gone and the vines are being harvested and the weather is glorious.

My colleague France Lasserre will be at the fair in Issigeac in the Dordogne this week end with her signature died blue linens and small decorative antiques Sat 4th and Sun 5th Aug

There will be more about antiques, lurchers and France soon, you can see more about the house in Provence here

Monday, 14 July 2014


It's the 14th July,  a big holiday in France. Before and after the French revolution France was a country of wonderful furniture and decoration………………

Less is not always more and antiques add character and warmth to a room. Below are photographs taken in the shop showing some of the new stock that we have in and how we have combined things….
 In the foreground an 18th century blue & white "Pot à Oranger
A large set of framed prints of Switzerland hang above an early French mahogany desk, similar to a desk at Chatsworth at the foot of the bed in the Mary Queen of Scots room…..
 Four early 19th century sporting prints after Carle Vernet are framed in water gilt frames
 Hanging on the wall is part of a large set of 19th century framed Jamaican ferns in water gilt and painted frames. Below are a pair of gilt bronze candlesticks and a pair of gilt bronze urns
 Standing in front of a gilt Règence mirror is a Spanish 18th century carved wooden figure
 I have always advocated hanging prints close together and the shop is no different; we have a large collection of 18th century French engravings most in original frames, visit our print section to view the collection
 A portrait of 'Pomona' goddess of fruitful abundance is hung with 18th century prints above a
 'Le Matin' & 'Le Midi' 18th century prints after Joseph Vernet are framed in original gilt frames

Great pieces of furniture and large tapestries also look good in a modern setting

regence commode
This Règence commode was made in the first part of the 18th century and the richness of the colour of the veneers is wonderful. 
We always have a selection of 18th and 19th century French commodes for the drawing room or the bedroom.

Made whilst Napoleon Bonarparte was ruling France, simple lines make this a great piece for the dining room the doors open to reveal a single shelf.
Baron renouard tapestry

Whilst this 20th century tapestry 'CHANT' by Francois Baron-Renouard woven in Paris in the 60's brings a splash of colour at a fraction of the cost of a contemporary painting!

We have several great pieces arriving in the next few weeks,  to see new arrivals check out our "New Arrivals' section of the webs site. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

DECORATION FOR THE WALLS & NEW IN THE SHOP - get ready for the party season

May is the month that London really seems to wake up after the winter. Now is a good time to think about new furniture and decoration for the house.

Always a great believer in close hung prints this elegant set of early 18th century large portraits of horses in a hall are both elegant and have a contemporary feel.

Recently hung in the shop is this set of late 18th century French horse prints by Carle & Horace Vernet with bright original colour and in their original water gilt fames.
For the English country house look we have a set of four 19th century engravings of the Liverpool Grand Steeplechase,  better know as the Grand National

The latest edition of Architectural Digest features a house decorated by one of my favourite decorators, Mark Gillette
Set within Burley on the Hill, a 300-year-old English country estate, a flat graced with soaring columns and stunning plasterwork is brought back to glorious life by designer Mark Gillette
Where he has used a set of mid 18th century Vue d'Optique in a bedroom.
Read the rest of the article at

View our framed prints on our website
We have some exciting new pieces in the shop both for the walls and some wonderful furniture.
Already in the shop…. Exceptional early 19th century French commode attributed to Jacob
commode attributed to Jacob
For a more English look this George IV Library Table
georgian library table
or this William IV mahogany side table
william iv mahogany console
coming soon ………tapestries from early 18th century top contemporary

Also on 4th June it is the Chelsea Design Quarter annual summer party and to coincide we are having drinks in the shop

Friday, 14 March 2014

Freedom for dogs to run off the lead in the parks of London

I have aways lived in London and owned dogs for most of my life. We have two in the shop, Nancy a large brindle whippet and more recently Lucy a whippet lurcher both of whom were rescued.

They both have gentle temperaments. One of the great joys is walking with them in central London's great parks…..Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and Holland Park, where in the winter the only users of the parks are dogs and their owners.

Please support us in the fight to save the rights of people to exercise their dogs in Kensington and Chelsea. We are being threatened by the council who are trying to bring in a law saying that all dogs will no longer be allowed off the lead anywhere in any of the parks in Kensington and Chelsea. The fear is that this will spread to other parts of London and will result in people no longer being able to own a dog in London, as if you can't exercise them it would become impossibly unkind to have one and they bring so much to so many people, especially those living alone.

There is a petition that if you would be willing to sign it and encourage other people to sign as well might stop this ridiculous infringement on all our rights.

If you love dogs and value freedom please sign the PETITION even if you don't live in London every signature helps preserve a way of life that we all value……………